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52% of young Americans believe that our democracy is in trouble.

*That statistic is according to a Harvard Kennedy School poll. Click here to read it.

So what do we do about it?

We look to someone who’s been there and done it.


We take Lincoln's words and wisdom out of the museums and books, and get them to the people.

That's the "why". The "how" is broken down in
the menu below.

A Closer Look


We make a motion picture and use it as a teaching tool, staging free community showings for people who may never get to Washington DC or the Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.  

Our tool is a motion picture. Most instantly think of Hollywood and obscene amounts of money. This is NOT that. This is a public service. We flip the script on the for-profit industry, and use a motion picture as a teaching tool.


Levar Burton said it best. “Motion pictures are the most powerful medium in the history of civilization for communicating thoughts, ideas, and stories.”

We Need You


The legacy of Abraham Lincoln needs to be heard now more than ever given today’s toxic social climate. Film and Television is the most powerful medium in the history of all civilization for communicating thoughts, ideas, and stories. By taking our motion picture directly to underserved regions in the United States, we usher in a renewed sense of optimism and hope for generations to come.


what is this?

A brief video on what we're doing and why

The backdrop of the motion picture  Of Tears and Iron  is the Lincoln Funeral Train that passed through Indiana from April 29, 1865 to May 1, 1865.


Below is a map that details all the known stops the train made within Indiana.

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