Chris Allen

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Chris Allen strongly believes that failure is one of life’s best teachers.  On projects big and small, he embraces mistakes as learning opportunities—chances to start anew knowing more than before. And it is through this philosophy that he continues to succeed in his chosen field as writer, producer and filmmaker.  In his latest film, Of Tears and Iron, Chris explores the untidy parts of life, including grief and how journeys through dark places can ultimately lead to light.

Allen will both produce and direct the film, which will be his eighth motion picture so far.  

Chris admits he initially entered the industry to feed his ego, but now hopes to use his voice to help others with messages that promote racial justice, mental health and other worthy causes. Chris was raised in Madison, IN, but grew up in Louisville, KY. He worked in public television and with RACSO Motion Pictures early in his career—while also teaching himself the finer points of production and direction. In 2009, his fan-film  Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di For  premiered in Hollywood. In 2010, Allen’s  A Time for the Heart  was showcased at the San Diego Comic Con’s film festival. His  Star Trek vs. Batman  is still a much beloved fan favorite, even personally received and viewed by Chris’s hero Leonard Nimoy.

Chris cites his father Bruce Allen’s passing and meeting John Lewis as two of his life’s most defining moments. Losing his dear father in 2008 caused him to question everything he had been taught. And less than six months later, Chris would become a first-time dad to his beloved son, Samuel. Now, even after more than decade, there are days Chris can still feel his dad’s hand on his shoulder.

Meeting late Civil Rights leader John Lewis in 2018 inspired Chris to become part of something bigger than himself. He actively supports justice for racial equality and marched in protest after George Floyd’s murder. A direct descendant of Susan B. Anthony, Chris knows that fighting for equality is in his blood and welcomes opportunities to promote racial/social justice through his work, activism and volunteerism.

When he’s not writing or making movies, Chris works as a wealth advisor for a financial firm. In his free time, he enjoys photography, charcoal portrait drawing and laughing at things only he finds funny.