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Our Vision

Executive Summary

Lincoln’s legacy needs to be heard now more than ever given today’s toxic social climate. Film and Television is the most powerful medium in the history of all civilization for communicating thoughts, ideas, and stories. By taking our motion picture directly to underserved regions in the United States, we usher in a renewed sense of optimism and hope for generations to come.


The specific purpose of said corporation is for the charitable and educational purposes to perpetuate the history and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, especially the facts and circumstances surrounding his funeral train that returned his body from Washington DC to Springfield Illinois in 1865.

Our Vision

The Lincoln Special’s purpose is to bring a renewed interest and conversation to President Abraham Lincoln’s legacy on racism. Utilizing the most powerful tool in modern civilization for communicating ideas, our motion picture  Of Tears and Iron  will spark a renewed interest in the United States’ troubled past and become a guiding light for healing in grief and mental health.

Purpose One: to bring Lincoln’s extraordinary story to underserved and indigent regions of the United States, by giving people of all ages the unique chance to immerse themselves in the societal aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination. We will utilize our motion picture  Of Tears and Iron  as the centerpiece for The Lincoln Special.

Purpose Two: To connect  Of Tears and Iron  viewers to historical, racial justice, and mental health resources in their communities. With the excitement and buzz of a polished and professional motion picture, we dovetail on that enthusiasm to educate audiences our Lincoln's history and modern mental health resources. By citing the assassination of Lincoln, we want to empower audiences who wouldn’t otherwise know about the mental health resources available to them.

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